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manage my prescriptions

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diabetes management

Over 18 million Americans live with diabetes every year—and over 7 million go undiagnosed. If you are already living with diabetes, or think you may be at risk, Meijer can help you manage your diabetes. If you suspect you may be diabetic, take the risk assessment below and talk to your doctor. If you're currently living with diabetes, we have tips on managing your health with diet, exercise and monitoring. Plus, you'll find the ways Meijer can help you in managing this chronic disease.

diabetes care pharmacists

We can help with your medications, your testing,
log books, offer tips and tools to achieve your goals.

tips to help you remember to take your medication

  1. Get a pillbox and divvy up a week's worth of medicine at the beginning of the week—it will be easier to see if you've taken your daily dosage.
  2. Set smartphone pill reminders using your alarm or apps.
  3. Create a daily routine—keep your medication at-the-ready in the same place that you do other daily tasks, like by your toothbrush, on your night stand, next to your towel post-shower, or at the breakfast table.
  4. Use the automated refill program at the Meijer Pharmacy to ensure that your prescription is refilled before you run out—you'll get a phone call when it is ready for pick up!

    Make sure to ask your pharmacist if your medication should be taken at specific times!