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get 250,000 miles of protection.**

**Highway miles from vehicle’s first oil change.

the five factors killing your engine


Sludge clogs your engine’s oil passageways restricting proper oil flow and lubrication.


Harmful engine deposits house contaminants that shorten the life of your vehicle.


Metal-to-metal contact causes poor engine performance and ultimately engine failure.


When oil oxidizes, it thickens, leaving your engine unprotected.


Excessive heat causes oil to burn, resulting in shorter engine life.

our products

discover the Mobil 1™ difference

Mobil 1™ High Mileage

Helps extend engine life and prevent leaks in vehicles with more than 75,000 miles

Mobil 1™ Annual Protection

Provides proven protection for 20,000 miles or one full year* between oil changes–guaranteed *Whichever comes first.

Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage

New! Provides 15,000 miles of protection for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles – guaranteed

Mobil 1™ Truck & SUV

New! Provides extra protection for hardworking truck and SUV gasoline engines, and is designed to maximize engine performance and protection

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