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easy appetizers for game day parties

Introducing NEW Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken. The perfect ready-to-heat solution for your next watch party. Find Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken and Meatballs in the frozen food aisle.

Crafted from the finest ingredients and seasoned with a custom blend of herbs and spices, our Premium Cooked Perfect Fire Grilled Chicken are grilled over an open fire to lock in flavor and keep them juicy and tender.

Take one perfectly crafted meatball and you’ve got the key ingredient to a truly memorable family meal. Made with select cuts of meat and flame-broiled to perfection, you’ll find yourself imagining new ways to feature our mouthwatering meatballs on your menu.

Cooked Perfect® Fire Grilled Chicken and Meatballs. Quick and easy heat-and-serve appetizers that everyone will love. Perfect for game day or any gathering. Look for Cooked Perfect products in the frozen food aisle and get fired up. Fire makes game day better!