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Are You Customer-Focused?

At Meijer, all team members play a role in creating a differentiated shopping experience for our customers. Distribution center team members focus on delivering the right products to our stores on time while store team members focus is on delivering the best experience possible to the customers face-to-face. And in the corporate office, our support staff provides valuable services to our employees and customers. Hourly team members are eligible for multiple benefits, and if you're seeking more responsibility, it's not uncommon to find managers who started their career at Meijer as a stocker or cashier. If you're customer-focused and have the talent we're looking for, please review the hourly positions that are currently available.
Search Hourly Opportunities

Store Opportunities

Store team members are the foundation of our business and critical to our success. These individuals are responsible for stocking shelves, providing excellent customer service and ensuring that Meijer's values are upheld daily. If you would like to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to people in your community, submit your application today or visit the employment kiosk during your next visit to Meijer.

14-17 years old? Because laws vary by state, if you are between the ages of 14 to 17, you should check with your local Meijer store leadership team to learn more about guidelines and opportunities for the employment of minors.

New Meijer Store? If you've heard about a new Meijer in your area, please watch for local advertising for more information. Interview processes begin several weeks before new store openings.

Corporate Opportunities

The corporate office wouldn't run smoothly without support staff. Administrative roles are a great way to learn our business from the inside out while contributing to the Meijer success story. Please view our current openings to see if there is an opportunity that fits your talents.

Distribution Facility Opportunities

It takes quite a team to support the flow of products from our warehouses to the retail units. We have distribution complexes within Michigan and Ohio, as well as our Central Kitchen in Indiana. Each complex has a variety of positions, and each plays a vital role in getting product into the hands of our customers.

Pharmacy Tech

Helping customers with their medication requests, assisting with prescription inquiries, and offering advice for over the counter treatments are each essential functions of an hourly pharmacy team member. Delivering an exceptional customer experience begins with taking the time to listen to the needs of the customer. Customers rely on our pharmacy to provide accurate and relevant information about their prescriptions and concerns.