Green Living

Everyone knows that blue is blue, but here at Meijer blue really is green! When you see one of our reusable blue Meijer bags, it's a sign of how green we are. Since their introduction in 2007, the blue reusable Meijer bags are a symbol of our initiative to go green as we offer an inexpensive and attractive alternative to disposable paper or plastic bags. So try a blue bag today and be part of the million + mission to save the planet!

Dare to Make a Difference!

Experts say that 380 billion plastic bags, sacks, and wraps are consumed in the US each year. Make a difference! Bring in your old plastic bags to any Meijer store for recycling starting today. Go ahead. Take the dare! Home › Meijer Corporate › Meijer Community › Green Living

Water Air Life Land

Our Commitment

We're highly committed to positive environmental care through our many corporate actions and decisions. One way we strive to make green business choices is by building safe, energy efficient, environmentally friendly stores. We're firmly dedicated to upholding the key values of water, air, life, and land for all of us in the communities we serve.

Produce Efficiency

Produce has led the way in our green practices. We have a green thumb in green living and actively support area growers by offering a wide selection of locally grown produce. This lowers transit costs, energy use, and supports local businesses. To build on this promise, we continue to grow our selection of organic products at the low prices for which Meijer is known.

Seafood Sustainability

At Meijer, our focus is to work toward providing our customers with the freshest, highest-quality seafood, and that includes ensuring the seafood products we offer are caught and farmed in a responsible and sustainable way. Learn more.

Green Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, we do a lot of little green things too! We're a leader in the retail industry in many vital ways by promoting strong sustainable business practices and green choices:

  • We've been recognized by the USEPA as a SmartWay award winner for advancements in transportation efficiency. Learn more at the EPA.
  • We're testing wind turbines at several locations. Understanding and tapping wind as a renewable power source can make a difference and help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • As of 2008, we're building all new stores consistent with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Our entire store remodels are also completed using LEED program guidelines and principles.

Stores Seeing Green

We're always seeking new ways to reduce energy use through our innovative store designs. By designing stores to run more efficiently, we can reduce energy use and reduce our carbon footprint. For example, lighting in all stores has been changed over to highly efficient fluorescent fixtures. High efficiency motors and improved ventilation equipment have also been incorporated in all stores. Refrigerated cases are being upgraded in many stores with glass doors, designed to keep the cold where it belongs - inside the cases!

Reducing Invasive Plants

Experts estimate that all invasive species (aquatic, plants, and insects) cost Americans about $137 billion annually in loss of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and infrastructure maintenance. Invasive plants have negative effects on our economy, environment, and human health. So, we've partnered with the Nature Conservancy to teach and help you choose non-invasive plant products that are best suited for backyards in the Midwest.

Fueling Up the Green Way

We have even gone green at our fuel centers by offering alternative fuel choices. We're proud to offer E-85 Flex Fuel at participating locations. That's 85% ethanol and only 15% unleaded gasoline - better for the environment and better for reducing our dependency on foreign oil.