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Terms and Conditions of Meijer Community Rewards

  1. Meijer Community Rewards will collect purchase data of registered customers participating in the program. Participating customers will receive a Meijer 1 CardSM and two Meijer 1 CardSM Key Tags, and / or a Meijer Credit Card which will track their purchase data  (collectively, the “Meijer 1 CardSM holders”). Only eligible purchase data, as periodically designated by Meijer, shall be collected to determine the rewards. Meijer reserves the right to change, modify, or otherwise amend which products are eligible for Meijer Community Rewards.
  2. Meijer will reward based on the eligible personal purchases of the registered Meijer 1 CardSM holders to their designated 501(c) organization on a periodic basis as determined by Meijer. Only the specific personal purchases of the registered Meijer 1 CardSM holders are eligible for the rewards.
  3. Meijer 1 CardSM holders agree that eligible purchases made under Meijer Community RewardsSM will be automatically recorded and that such records allow Meijer to provide special offers and information geared to our customers' preferences and to reward based on these purchases to participating 501(c) organizations.
  4. Only participating 501(c), K-12, or faith-based organizations enrolled in Meijer Community Rewards are eligible for rewards.
  5. Meijer reserves the right to deactivate any Meijer 1 CardSM, Meijer 1 CardSM Key Tag, or Meijer Credit Card from Meijer Community Rewards for misuse, nonuse or to change, modify or eliminate any term or condition associated with Meijer Community RewardsSM without notice including the addition or elimination of items from eligible purchases.
  6. Meijer reserves the right to eliminate or discontinue Meijer Community RewardsSM at any time without notice. Any such eligible purchases prior to the elimination or discontinuance of the program shall be eligible for rewards in accordance with the terms and conditions of Meijer Community RewardsSM.
  7. Only customers 18 years or older may enroll in Meijer Community RewardsSM.
  8. All Meijer 1 CardsSM and Meijer 1 CardSM key tags shall remain the property of Meijer.

Privacy Protection
On occasion, customers may provide Meijer with nonpublic personal information, such as a birth date or account number, when registering for Meijer programs, contests and card services. We do not sell or otherwise market nonpublic personal information to unaffiliated third parties. We may provide non-public personal information to third parties but only when necessary to service your accounts or process requests. We may contact you from time to time to let you know of products and services that may be of interest to you or to get your feedback. If you have provided your email address, that will be our preferred method of contact. Please click here to manage your email contact preferences. If we do not have your valid email address, we may contact you by phone. If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, you must opt out here.  

Although you may choose not to receive marketing materials, Meijer retains the right to contact you to service your Meijer Community RewardsSM account.