Frequently asked questions about our remodel process

Q. Why are you remodeling?
A. Many of our remodel changes were based on your input and we're working to provide you with the best shopping experience possible.

Q. Will departments or products be moved?
A. When the project is complete there will be a few items or departments that will have moved to improve your shopping trip flow. Our customers have told us that they are busy and need their shopping to be efficient. One example is to have all baby products together in one location. If you need baby food you most likely need diapers as well. Now all of baby's needs will be found in our new Baby Center.

Q. Will it be noisy or dusty in the store during the remodel?
A. Our crews are working overnight to prevent any disruption to your shopping. Our commitment is to continue to provide an enjoyable shopping environment for you.

Q. How do I find items that have moved?
A. There will be many signs posted throughout the store helping to guide you through the changes. Your store will also have current maps of the store available with the greeter and near the weekly ad papers.

Q. How long will the remodel take?
A. The time will seem very short. With much of the actual construction work being done overnight and in the back, at times you will not realize we are still in the remodel phase.