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The oven in your kitchen gets a lot of a storage space for miscellaneous dishes and bakeware. You have become a stovetop and microwave gourmet, but you are ready to break out of your rut and cook some real, homemade meals. Problem is, you're a busy person. You need to make meals a little faster than your old conventional oven can handle. And where else are you going to store all of those dishes? Toaster ovens sit right on your countertop, preserving your conventional oven for storage, and they can toast, reheat, and do virtually everything your conventional oven can do, but faster!

Toaster Ovens: Simple, Versatile Cooking

Toaster ovens aren't just for toasting. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can bake, broil, and reheat your favorite foods with toaster ovens from Reheating pizza in the microwave is a soggy mess, but just pop last night's pizza in your toaster oven and you'll have hot pizza with crispy crust. Searching for sweets late at night? Toaster ovens can bake a batch of cookies fast to calm your cravings. With a variety of sizes, designs and features, at you will find toaster ovens to fit your countertop, and your lifestyle.

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Convection Toaster Ovens: Quick, Convenient Technology

Convection toaster ovens combine the countertop convenience of toaster ovens with the speed and technology of convection cooking. Convection toaster ovens circulate hot air around your food, cooking faster and more evenly than a conventional oven. With convection toaster ovens you can cook chef-quality, beautiful meals fast. Roast a chicken, bake a pie, make a quick lasagna; you'll be the hit of the potluck and garner invites to all of the picnics.

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