Meijer Gives Back. Select Prenatal Vitamins Are Now Free.

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The FREE pre-natal vitamin program is another way Meijer is helping customers stay healthy. It has been shown that pre-natal vitamins play an important role in healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Through the years, these supplements have typically been prescribed for women who have become pregnant. However, many members of the medical community believe they also play an important role for women in the important months leading up to conception. Therefore, a large number of physicians now prescribe these vitamins for the months leading up to a patient's attempt to conceive.

The free pre-natal vitamin program launched on June 1, 2008 and features several well-known brands of pre-natal vitamins. These include:

  • NatalCare Plus
  • Ultra Natal Care
  • Natalcare Glosstab
  • NataTab Rx
  • Advanced NatalCare

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