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LiceMD® - say goodbye to lice & eggs
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LiceMD® Complete Kit

  • LiceMD® Complete Kit comes with everything you need to kill lice and eliminate 100% of their eggs*.
  • Medicated gel effectively kills lice
  • Comb eliminates 100% of lice and their eggs*.
  • Non-medicated shampoo cleans your hair after treatment.

LiceMD® Pesticide Free

  • Gets rid of lice in three easy steps without the use of pesticides.
  • Formula is clear, fragrance free, and non-irritating to skin.
  • Synthetic lubricant makes comb-out smooth and easy, even for long, thick, or curly hair.

Get Quick Relief with LiceMD®

Treat lice quickly and effectively with LiceMD®. Both the LiceMD® Complete Kit and LiceMD® Pesticide Free eliminate lice in 3 easy steps. Whether they caught it at school or soccer practice, your kids will benefit from these quick and easy lice treatments.

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