• From simple issues like cloudy water or pH fluctuation to more specialized problems like metals in your water and cleaning filters, pool balancing products work fast and effectively to tackle most pool problems. Keeping these products handy helps ensure a clean pool.

    step 1: how to balance your pool’s pH

  • Your pool will stay fresh and clean with HTH® sanitizer products, designed to effectively guard against bacteria, algae, and other organisms. HTH® offers two types of chlorine-based sanitizers - stabilized and unstabilized.

    step 2: how to choose an HTH® sanitizer

  • Use HTH® premium shock products at least once a week to give your pool the boost of chlorine it needs, kill unwanted bacteria and algae, and keep your water as clean and clear as can be. HTH® shock products are an essential problem solver as well as a great preventive medicine for your pool.

    step 3: how to add shock products to your pool

  • Algae is constantly blown into pools by winds, dust storms, and rain. Your water becomes cloudy, discolored, and eventually slimy and smelly. HTH® algaecides provide an effective way to combat algae and prevent future algae from forming, keeping your pool healthy and clean for daily enjoyment.

    step 4: how to treat algae in your pool

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