New Heinz® BBQ Sauces

Kansas City Style

This sauce is a mouthwatering blend of the sweet and smoky deliciousness that Kansas City barbecue is known for.

Meet Joe & Mike Pearce

Brothers and owners of SLAPs BBQ in Kansas City, KS

Joe & Mike have been featured on TV's BBQ Pitmasters and BBQ Pitmasters All Stars.

Memphis Style

With sweet brown sugar and the flavors of traditional Memphis dry rubs, this is a sweet and spicy sauce that’s sure to be a favorite.

Meet Dan Brown

Owner and Pitmaster of Leonard's PI Barbecue – a Memphis BBQ institution since 1922

Dan began working at Leonard's as an onion slicer when he was just 19 years old.

Texas Style

This sauce captures the very best of Texas barbecue – combining spices like cumin and chili powder for a sauce that’s bold and flavorful with just the right kick.

Meet Robert Sierra

Head Pitmaster – S&S Pit Crew Competition BBQ Team

Robert has led his team to multiple Texas State BBQ Championships in ribs, chicken & brisket.

Carolina Style

A true Carolina style sauce that blends the distinctive tang of apple cider vinegar with just the right bit of sweet and spice.

Meet Sam Jones

3rd generation pitmaster at Skylight Inn BBQ in Ayden, NC – a Carolina BBQ tradition since 1947

Sam is best known for his traditional whole-hog Carolina BBQ - slow smoked over real wood.

Classic Style

This sauce is a true classic–sweet, thick, deliciously balanced, 100% natural, and sure to please! Heinz Classic BBQ Sauce captures the real flavors of American barbecue.