Helmet Sizing Chart

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Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the helmet, NOT measurements of the helmet itself.

Please Note: To determine your helmet size, carefully measure your head with a cloth tape measure. For greatest accuracy, measurement should be take by someone other than yourself and the tape measure should be held snugly around your head. Place measuring tape completely around the widest portion of your head, approximately 1" above the eyebrow, just above the ears and at the point on the back of your head that will give you the largest measurement. It is best to take several measurements and use the largest one to determine head size.

Adult Helmets
Head Size Range Helmet Size
21-1/4"-21-5/8" S
22"-22-5/8" M
22-3/4"-23-3/8" L
23-1/2"-24" XL
24-3/8"-24-3/4" XXL

Youth Helmets
Head Size Range Helmet Size
19-1/8"-19-1/2" S
19-3/4"-20-3/8" M
20-3/4"-21-1/4" L