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Veet® EasyWax™ demo: professional results made easy

banish those unwanted hairs

  • Self-heating unit heats wax to the perfect temperature
  • Roll-on applicator ensures clean and even application
  • Refills available to keep legs smooth

7 steps to salon-perfect results in your own home

Step 1

Insert the Veet® wax refill into the device.

Step 2

Plug the electrical cable into the device and in the socket. The red light turns on to confirm the device is heating. Place the plugged device on its base and leave it connected for 20 min. After 20 min the wax is ready for application. Start to apply the wax to a small area first, to check that the wax applies easily. If the wax does not easily roll onto the skin, let the device warm the wax for at least an additional 5 min. The wax is ready when it glides out of the roller easily and applies evenly to the skin. Do not allow the wax to come into contact with water as it would become ineffective.

Step 3

Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth (from knee to ankle for legs). Check that the slanted side of the roller head is in contact with the skin during application to allow the roller to glide over the skin.

Step 4

Immediately place the strip over the layer of wax, ensuring that there is at least 1 cm at the bottom which is wax free. Rub the strip repeatedly over the wax in the direction of hair growth.

Step 5

Hold your skin taut to avoid discomfort. Holding the bottom of the strip, very quickly and in one swift motion, pull the strip back on itself against the direction your hair grows (from ankle to knee for legs) keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible. The FASTER you remove the strip the more effective it will be.

Step 6

When you have finished waxing, remove any wax residues from your skin with a perfect finish wipe (you can alternatively use the back of a used strip). THIS WAX CANNOT BE RINSED OFF WITH WATER.

Step 7

Unplug the device. After use the refill will be hot - allow it to cool down before removing the refill from the device.

Professional-Quality Hair Removal Made Easy

Tired of going to your salon or day spa to get the silky smooth legs you love? With new Veet® EasyWax™, you can get professional results from the comfort of your own home. This waxing kit from Veet® makes hair removal on legs and underarms easier than ever, and costs less than salon waxing. This electrical roll-on system heats wax to the perfect temperature, and gives you a clean, even application. Simply apply wax on your legs or underarms and remove hair to get smooth skin for weeks. The perfect method of hair removal for women, Veet® EasyWax™ is the best way to get salon-quality results without ever leaving home.

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