Flower Planters for Your Garden & More

Decorative Flower Planters

Spring. The time of year when it seems like life almost starts over. Trees are budding with new green leaves, rain showers are washing away the snow and dreary winter time weather, and flowers are popping up all over, showing off their beautiful colors and delicate fragrances. It's time to start planning your garden and this year you're thinking you might want to do something a little different. Something to set your beguiling begonias apart from your ravishing roses. Or, maybe you don't have the yard or garden space for a full on flower garden, but would still like to have an accent of flowers outside or inside your home. Flower planters can be the perfect solution to your small or large garden creations.

We offer a large selection of flower planters from big to small, tall to short, wooden planters, cedar planters, even flower planters that light up to illuminate your walkway or deck at night. If you can't plant directly into the soil, then beautiful cedar planters would make the perfect gardening accent. Plant as many or as little flowers as you like and add a touch of spring to your bedroom balcony or front deck. Try low profile wooden planters and get the kids involved. Let them dig around and plant flowers, show them the experience of planting something, caring for it, and watching it grow; it could be a fun activity for the whole family!

More Flower Planters

No matter what kind of flower planters you are looking for, Meijer.com offers more variety, more styles, and more flower planters to choose from. Whether you are an avid gardner who spends every extra minute weeding, digging and planting, or you simply enjoy gardening on a weekend day, we have flower planters to make your gardening experience more fun and more beautiful. Even if you love gardening, but can't quite bend down to get to dirt level like you used to, we offer raised wooden planters to bring the flowers to you. And, with luminescent flower planters you can add a soft twilight glow to any place in your landscape. Light up the walkway, the driveway, even use these flower planters as fun centerpieces for outdoor parties in the summer.

With garden and patio furniture from Meijer.com, you can be sure to experience more variety, more gardening, and more flowers this spring season. Shop for more at Meijer.com!

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