California Transparency in Supply Chains Disclosure

In compliance with California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, Meijer makes the following disclosures:

  1. Meijer's commitment to ethical behavior by its vendor community (including elimination of human trafficking and slavery) is evidenced by the requirements found in the agreements between Meijer and its foreign vendors. Foreign vendors warrant that the goods produced for and shipped to Meijer are not the product of forced labor, child labor, or prison labor and meet all other social compliance criteria as determined under US Customs law and regulations.
  2. If Meijer's management has reason to believe that any vendor has breached this warranty, Meijer may either require that the vendor certify its compliance with this warranty or further evaluate the vendor to determine whether the vendor has breached this warranty. If Meijer determines that the vendor cannot cure a breach of this warranty, Meijer will take what action it deems to be appropriate.
  3. Meijer provides its Vendors through its vendor website a copy of Meijer's International Logistics Vendor Guide that sets forth specific requirements for international vendors; Meijer buyers may from time to time be provided instructions to highlight such Guide to its Vendors.