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Volu-Gro Creatine Glycogen Loader - Fruit Punch - 3.38Lbs

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Volu-Gro Creatine Glycogen Loader - Fruit Punch - 3.38Lbs
Creatine Glycogen Loader, Fruit Punch. Dietary supplement. Super-hydrates muscles for instant gains in solid mass. Extreme post-workout full-body recovery formula. Ultra-high molecular weight waxy maize starch for lightning-fast absorption. Superior creatine and glycogen loading results through long chain waxy maize starch: A unique sugar free ultrahigh molecular weight carbohydrate. Creatine has and continues to be the most widely used supplement taken by athletes. Its ability to enhance performance, strength, mass, and recovery while doing so in a relatively short period of time allows it to stand above other supplements.

One of the major issues surrounding creatine has been its effective transport to the muscles. Most creatine formulas depend mainly on dextrose or maltodextrin (2 very high glycemic sugars) to raise insulin, the primary element responsible for transporting creatine to the muscles. This approach however is far from ideal since dextrose and maltodextrin have a high osmolarity rate, which means they pass through the stomach very slowly and bind water, thus causing stomach discomfort. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.)

Full Product Description (PDF)
  • Creatine glycogen loader
  • Powder: 3.38lbs
  • Suggested use: On days 1 - 5, during this 5-day loading phase take 2 servings daily. Consume 1 serving in the morning immediately upon waking and 1 serving immediately after your workout. On non-training days, take your second serving in the afternoon between meals. For day 6 and on, use only 1 serving per day is needed. On training days, consume immediately after your workout. On non-training days, take immediately upon waking or in the afternoon between meals. For best results, follow these steps: 1) Mix 2 level scoops with 20oz of water. 2) Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. 3) Drink slowly and stir or shake occasionally to prevent residue buildup. Following these steps will allow product to achieve the optimum low osmolarity rate (osmolarity defines how fast a solution passes through the stomach) and to further accelerate the crucial transport of creatine water and waxy maize starch from the stomach to the small intestine and subsequently into the bloodstream. This creates an extremely hypotonic solution with a much lower osmolarity rate than any creatine/dextrose mixture which ensures ultra fast passage through the stomach. Since it passes through the stomach so quickly and is sugar free you will not experience the stomach discomfort which is often associated with creatine and high glycemic sugars (dextrose maltodextrin). On training days always consume immediately after your workout. It is a vastly superior post workout creatine drink because it replenishes muscle glycogen 70% faster than creatine plus dextrose or any other creatine/carbohydrate mixture for that matter. This leads to accelerated muscle recovery, greater cell volumization, and better muscle gains. In order to support muscle growth and recovery over the long-term, we suggest that you take it for at least 8 weeks. Store this container tightly closed in a cool, dry place. Shake container before use.
  • Manufacturer: Nutrex Research, Inc.
additional information
If you are a diabetic, consult your physician before using Volu-Gro. Stay well hydrated throughout the day.

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