Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayer Refill - 2 Bottles (30 oz ea)View Large Image
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Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayer Refill - 2 Bottles (30 oz ea)

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Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower Power Sprayer Refill - 2 Bottles (30 oz ea)
1 Bottle = 30 fl oz (1 pt 14 fl oz) 887 ml; Power Sprayer - Daily Shower - Refill. Bathroom cleaner. Cleans soap scum mold and mildew stains! Cleans soap scum mold and mildew stains! Safe on plastics and acrylics! Results are guaranteed!
  • 2 Bottles of 30 fl oz (1 pt 14 fl oz) 887 ml
  • Before showering, run water in the shower/tub area to rinse floor surface. Always stand on a non-slip surface when in shower or tub. 1. Remove clear tab from white lock switch. Place switch in the unlocked position. 2. Immediately after showering, squeeze and hold trigger to spray all wet surfaces including the curtain or door. Lightly spray 8-12 inches from surface to cover evenly. 3. No need to scrub wipe or rinse. Helpful Hints: For best results, start with a clean shower. Use daily to prevent the buildup of soap scum and mildew stains. Even if you start with a dirty shower, Daily Shower Power Sprayer will begin cleaning soap scum and mold and mildew stains on contact. Results guaranteed after 14-21 days. To keep your shower clean continue to use daily after the last shower of the day. To Change Refill: 1. Move switch on bottle to locked position (downward). 2. Hold bottle firmly and turn (loosen) white knob to remove sprayer. To Attach Sprayer: Note: Sprayer only fits bottle one way. 1. Remove white cap from refill bottle. 2. Line up triangle on sprayer with triangle on back of bottle. 3. Tighten white knob. Safety First: Safety Lock: This automatic power sprayer is delivered to you with the safety lock in the locked position. To store sprayer, always slide the safety lock to the locked position.
  • Manufacturer: SC Johnson and Son Inc.
additional information
This is not a toy. For adult use only. Do not mix with other household cleaners as hazardous fumes may result. Incidental contact will not harm pets. Cleaner will dry to a non-slippery surface between showers. Cleaner is safe on all bath care products like shampoo, soap, and bath sponges. Safe for use on most shower and tub surfaces including fiberglass, acrylic, and plastic. Safe for use on plastic or synthetic shower curtains. May lighten fabric such as cottons. Do not use on brass, natural marble, or finished wood surfaces. First Aid: If eye contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water. If skin contact occurs, rinse with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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