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Meijer European Style Candy Coating - Candiquik - Vanilla - 1 Bag (16 oz)

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Meijer European Style Candy Coating - Candiquik - Vanilla - 1 Bag (16 oz)
1 Bag = 16 oz (1 lb) 454 g; European Style Candy Coating - Candiquik - Vanilla Flavored. Natural and artificial flavor. Microwaveable tray. Made in USA.

  • 1 Bag of 16 oz (1 lb) 454 g
  • Ingredients: Sugar (Sugar, Cornstarch), Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Nonfat Dry Milk, Soy Lecithin (an Emulsifier), Milk Powder, Natural and Artificial Flavors. Please Note: Do not overheat as Candiquik retains its original shape while melting, until stirred. Candiquik will continue to melt while stirring. Overheating will cause product to scorch or caramelize. Moisture causes Candiquik to become lumpy or hard. Always use only dry utensils. Microwave: Entire pound of Candiquik in oven tray for 1 minute; stir well. Continue to microwave for 15 second intervals, stirring well after each interval, until smooth. If melting less than entire pound, reduce microwave time accordingly. Oven: Preheat oven to 250°F. Turn oven off. Place Candiquik in oven tray provided and melt in oven 10-12 minutes or until soft. Remove and stir until smooth. Saucepan: Break Candiquik into squares; place in heavy saucepan. Melt over low heat about 10 minutes, stirring often until smooth. Candiquik Tips: 1. Candiquik is ready in minutes if placed in refrigerator or freezer. 2. To thin, add 1 tablespoon or more of solid vegetable shortening and stir until smooth. Do not add water, milk, oil, margarine or butter to thin. 3. Candiquik may be colored using oil-based or powdered food colorings, and may be flavored using oil-based flavorings. 4. Store in a cool, dry place (60-70°F). If opened, store in airtight container.
  • Manufacturer: Meijer Distribution, Inc.
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Allergen warning: Contains milk and soy. This product was packaged in a facility that handles milk and peanuts.

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