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Meijer Coffee Filters - No. 4 Stitched Cone - 1 Box (40 filters)

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Meijer Coffee Filters - No. 4 Stitched Cone - 1 Box (40 filters)
1 Box = 40 filters; Coffee Filters - Stitched Cone No. 4. Fits most 8-12 cup size drip coffeemakers. Cone coffee filters are a special design made to give you perfect coffee every time - they won’t tear, they hold their shape, and the special design allows the coffee to filter through while trapping most of the bitter tasting oil and sediment - to give you a flavorful cup of coffee every time! Quality assured. Made in USA.

  • 1 Box of 40 filters
  • Preparation instructions: 1. Seat filter firmly in basket, on bottom. 2. For each cup, add 2 level tablespoons of coffee, drip or your favorite grind. 3. Use appropriate amount of water. 4. To minimize absorption of cooking odors, keep filters in closed bag in drawer or cabinet. Automatic Method: 1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Fill the coffeemaker reservoir with cold water as required. Switch on - the automatic coffeemaker does the rest. Manual Method: 1. Fold over the crimped edges of the coffee filter and insert into the filter cones. 2. Measure in any drip or fine grind coffee (1 tbsp per cup). Vary amount according to taste. 3. Pour just enough boiling water into the center of the coffee filter to thoroughly wet the grounds. Wait moment, then continue to pour until the water reaches the desired cup marking shown on the outside of the filter cone.
  • Manufacturer: Meijer Distribution, Inc.
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