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KT Tape Pro Elastic Athletic Tape

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KT Tape Pro Elastic Athletic Tape
KT Tape is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance. KT Tape is pre-cut so that it is fast and easy to apply. Just tear off a strip and apply it to the injured area. KT Tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries.

Professional athletes, Olympians, and healthcare professionals use KT Tape to treat common injuries such as Achilles tendentious, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, ITBS, hamstring strains, shin splints, and general neck, back, and shoulder pain. It stays on in water, can be worn for up to 5 days at a time, and doesn't have harmful chemicals or medications. KT Tape provides stability and support like a brace but doesn't restrict your range of motion, it's comfortable to wear.
  • Athletic tape
  • 20 Pre-cut strips
  • Latex free
  • Water resistant
  • Can be worn 2-5 days per application depending on person, application, skin type, and the environment
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Each box includes step-by-step instructions on how to apply
  • Neck and shoulders: AC joint, sprain neck pain, neck and shoulder pain, front shoulder pain, general shoulder pain, rotator cuff pain
  • Arms and hands: Carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist sprain, finger jam, general elbow pain
  • Ankles and feet: Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis pain at ball of foot, foot pad pain, plantar fasciitis II, peroneal tendonitis heel pain, distal posterior tibial tendonitis
  • Knees: jumper's knee, general knee pain, runners knee, IT band-knee, ITBS knee, X knee support, full knee support, light knee support, lateral knee pain, medial knee pain
  • Legs: calf strain, quad strain, calf strain I, calf strain II, hamstring strain, shin splints, anterior shin splints, posterior shin splints, groin strain, hip flexor, gluteus pain
  • Trunk and back: ITBS hip, rib pain, SI joint pain, lower back pain, middle back pain
  • Made of synthetic material
  • Individual strips measure 10"L x 2"W
  • Total of 16.6' of tape
  • Available in blue, pink, green, black, red, and beige (in-stock status may vary)
  • Made in China

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