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Build Your Foundation with the Best

We know the importance of building a solid foundation. And we know it's not always easy. That's why we're providing many great resources tailored to your needs right here on this site. It doesn't matter if you are looking to build a solid resume or prepare for that interview; we have you covered.

Ready to look for specific opportunities? Meijer offers a variety of internships and entry-level positions that allow you to build experience. Whether interested in a corporate setting or store-level leadership training, Meijer should be on your list!

Search Entry Level & Internship Opportunities

Entry-Level Career Opportunities

Being part of the Meijer family means being a part of a team that is dedicated to the success of the company as well as you as an individual. It is with great pride, hard work, a competitive spirit, and the contributions of thousands of team members that Meijer has become and remained one of the most successful retailers in the country.

Start your career by submitting your resume and filling out an online application today. We look forward to the possibility of you joining our award-winning team!

Store Opportunities

Our supercenters are a great place to start a career. Joining Meijer as a Team Leader in Training in any department will allow you the opportunity to learn our processes and build valuable leadership skills in a team environment. And with so many areas to cover from General Merchandise to Grocery, Softlines to Service, there is bound to be a role that matches your talents. Why not begin your career with our family?
Apply now!

Corporate Opportunities

The Meijer corporate offices are where the behind-the-scenes action takes place. Various opportunities exist in Merchandising, Marketing, Accounting, and other corporate functions. These jobs provide a good foundation for growing your career while also providing exposure to other areas. At the corporate office, you'll learn how the combined effort of all teams work together to deliver an outstanding shopping environment.

Think you have what it takes to add talent to this dynamic environment? Jump start your career with a retailer who after 75 years is still going strong.

Supply Chain/Logistics Opportunities

Getting products to our customers is no small feat. And At Meijer, we've learned the key. We work with thousands of vendors to bring a whole lot of product through our distribution centers and into our stores for our customers' satisfaction.
This chain of activities requires:

  • Front-line leadership in our distribution facilities
  • Ongoing analysis by various teams in our corporate office, including:
    • Forecast Analytics
    • Inbound/Outbound Logistics
    • Merchandise Planning
    • Supply Chain Services
Opportunities in our supply chain and logistics teams will immerse you in our supply chain and allow you to learn from seasoned experts who are committed to excellence and have a passion for success!

Pharmacy Opportunities

At Meijer, we value what you value. Our patients rely on and trust our pharmacists to give them prompt, professional, courteous service, while providing accurate and informative counseling. We want to make a difference within the communities in which we reside and offer customers something that the competition cannot. With your help, we can continue to surpass the expectations of our customers, while earning their respect and business.

Internship Opportunities

Meijer supports college students for future careers in the best way possible – a paid internship. An internship at Meijer is an amazing experience that will boost the strength of anyone's resume. Raise your standards and learn from the best. Opportunities at this time are limited in number but accommodate many different educational backgrounds.

Store Leadership Internships

The Meijer Professional Internship Program is an 11-week program structured to provide students entering their junior or senior year of college with a well-rounded retail educational experience. Interns will be placed in various retail locations and supported by a handpicked Mentor.
During the Program, Interns will:

  • Work with all departments of Store Operations, with the exception of Loss Prevention and Pharmacy
  • Obtain leadership skills
  • Evaluate the logistics and processes that drive our retail operations
  • Observe each department and recognize an area of opportunity
  • Create a best practice solution
  • Present their solution to a Retail and Corporate Leadership team at the Professional Internship Project Presentation Meeting

Corporate Internships

If you didn't think there were opportunities for you in retail, an internship is a great way to broaden your horizon! Internships in our corporate environment allow students to get real-life experience in their area of study while learning how it translates in the retail industry. During the Program, Interns will:

  • Have assigned responsibilities within one or more corporate teams
  • Have the opportunity to network with other interns
  • Learn more about other departments
  • Share one of their projects with senior leadership, which has been a highlight of the program for past interns
We're excited to be growing our internship program! While still limited in number, the internships posted on our site cover several areas of study.

Supply Chain/Logistics Internships

Supply Chain internships, available in both our corporate headquarters and our distribution facilities, offer students in this discipline options to focus on different components of the supply chain. Whether providing analysis to one of our corporate teams or developing your leadership skills in one of our world class distribution facilities, you will put your classroom learning to test while building your resume with meaningful experience.

Corporate Supply Chain Internships

Corporate supply chain internships may include:
  • Project work
  • Exposure to standard operating procedures and systems like our PeopleNet tracking system and GE tracking system
  • Communications with vendors and customer relations
  • Assembling and analyzing vendor scorecards
  • Working closely with drivers and the dispatch area

Field Distribution Center Internships

An internship in one of our Field Distribution Centers is an opportunity to experience first-hand the combination of people leadership, equipment management and processes that are required to keep 220,000 items in stock for customers in over 200 stores across the Midwest.

Pharmacy Internships

Meijer partners with eleven schools of pharmacy within our geography to identify intern candidates. Our Pharmacy Internship program, geared toward pharmacy students in their professional years of study, typically employs over 50 interns per year made up of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year students throughout all of our regions. We also employ graduate students pending licensure.

Meijer currently offers a reimbursement program for pharmacy school. Each intern is mentored by a registered pharmacist on over-the-counter counseling, medication counseling, drug interactions, introduction to Disease State Management and the accuracy of prescription dispensing.

Part Time Opportunities

Not sure you've got enough money for next semester? You're not alone as you tally your expenses for loans, books, and even food. That's why so many college students work for Meijer. Our part-time job opportunities provide flexibility that can accommodate your class schedule and allow you to demonstrate responsibility, teamwork, and other personal behaviors that are valuable regardless of your future career direction. Start here to view part-time opportunities.

Career Resources

If you haven't considered a career in the retail industry, you may be surprised by the variety of options available. To get more insight into the industry as well as to your strengths and interests and as well as your fit into a career in retail try the following sites:

Wet Feet     National Retail Federation

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