MOTIONSENSE Antiperspirant

This powerful antiperspirant releases extra protection when you move for long-lasting freshness. Only Degree's MOTIONSENSE technology releases extra protection when you move, not just before you sweat.

Tropical Rush
Blossoming Orchid
Fresh Energy


This powerful dry spray antiperspirant goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Now with Degree's breakthrough MOTIONSENSE Technology, it even responds directly to your body movement, releasing extra protection when you move to last for longer.

Dove Clinical

The strength you need, infused with the beauty and care you expect from Dove.

  • Dermatologist-endorsed.
  • Provides clinically proven prescription-strength protection against wetness.
  • Delivers all-day freshness through odor-fighting technology.
  • Soothes and conditions skin with Dove 1Ž4 moisturizers.
  • Features the quenching scents of sweet pomegranate and lively lemon verbena to leave you feeling clean, fresh and beautiful.
Cool Essentials


Antiperspirant Sticks: For odor and wetness protection

Dry Spray Antiperspirant is unlike any other spray from AXE. Its unique formula is designed for underarm use only, and provides 48-hour protection from both wetness and odor.

Phoenix Dry

Dove® Men+Care®

Care Makes a Man Stronger

The first antiperspirants and deodorants from Dove specifically designed to give men 48-hour protection with a non-irritant formula that includes 1/4 moisturizer technology.

Extra Fresh
Sensitive Shield
Clean Comfort


Tough on sweat, not on skin.

In the moments that matter most…

… you need more from your antiperspirant. Try Degree's breakthrough MOTIONSENSE Technology that responds directly to your body movement. The more you move, the more it protects. Also: Degree® Clinical Protection - prescription-strength continuous odor and wetness protection with new fresh scents; New AXE® White Label that makes you feel your finest and Dove Men + Care® - Tough on Sweat, Not on Skin.