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Organization Enrollment FAQs

Active Organization FAQs

Organization Enrollment FAQs

Does my organization qualify?

You must be one of the following:

  • A K-12 school, public, private or charter.
  • A school sponsored organization (i.e. athletic team, drama club, etc. This must be a legal affiliation. It can not be a circumstance when you use a room in the school building for your meetings). The organization must benefit K-12 students.
  • A church, synagogue, temple - place of worship for a recognized religion.
  • A group legally sponsored by a church, synagogue or temple.
  • A religious organization - this must be of a recognized faith denomination.

Please see our enrollment form for complete details.

If my school is a subsidiary of my church, can both organizations participate?

Yes, if each organization wants to receive separate checks, each organization needs to enroll separately. If one check is satisfactory, just enroll one organization. Please follow the directions on your enrollment form to be sure you qualify.

Our school athletic team or the school’s PTA don’t have their own 501C designation. Are we still eligible?

Meijer considers organizations such as choirs, youth groups, athletic teams and PTA/PTO/PTSAs that are under the umbrella of the participating school or religious organization to be covered by that sponsoring organization’s 501C status. As long as the sponsoring organization is qualified, subgroups can enroll and receive their own rewards checks.

Why do you need our IRS letter of designation?

The letter allows us to verify enrollment eligibility and to continue the true spirit of our program, which is to help nonprofit schools and religious groups.

What is an EIN number? Where do I get one?

This stands for Employer Identification Number. It is a number issued by the federal government to identify businesses, similar to a social security number for individuals. Your accountant would be familiar with this, as it is used for any financial filings. You can also call 1-800-829-1040, pressing 3 for Business, Dept of Treasury IRS, Specialty Tax line. They can look up your organization or assist you in applying for an EIN.

What if I don’t have an email address?

You may want to use an email address of someone you trust within your organization. They will need then to print off your Meijer Community Rewards emails and be sure they get to you.

The email address also allows you to manage your organization’s account online. There are also free email services available through providers such as or

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Active Organization FAQs

How is Meijer going to help me get people to sign up?

Once you join, you will receive a complete marketing kit which includes supporter membership applications, camera-ready artwork, posters, internet-ready graphics, FAQs, marketing activity recommendations and letter templates for insertion into organization newsletters. These materials make it easier for you to promote the program to potential supporters.

How do I order supplies?

Visit MCR Organization page

I didn’t receive my kit/I didn’t receive my order for additional applications.

Please e-mail us at with your organization number and what is missing. We will research and respond back to you with your Federal Express tracking number.

How do I change my organization’s name?

An organization name cannot be changed. Your supporters agreed to have their rewards go to your organization: this name change could direct their rewards to an organization that they are not aware of. You must enroll the new organization separately.

How do I change my organization’s address, e-mail or contact information?

Visit MCR Organization page

I didn’t get my monthly e-mail statement.

You will receive a monthly email with an attachment showing a complete list of your members and their rewards detail after the 7th of the following month. If you do not receive your monthly email after the 7th, you may retrieve it here.

If you use email filtering or spam blockers, please make sure you set up your system to allow email and attachments from

Opening Your Monthly Rewards Statement.

The statement is designed to open with any program. However, if you are unable to open the statement, please try the following: Download (save as) the statement to your hard drive or a disk. Open your spreadsheet or word processing program, then open the document you just saved from within that application. If that doesn’t work, you can send the statement to another trusted member of your organization, change your email address, consult with another member of your organization or your Internet Service Provider for technical support. Meijer cannot offer technical support, other electronic formats for the statement, hard copies through the mail or faxed copies. In the interest of your supporters, please respect the confidentiality of this information.

How can I tell who is signed up for my organization?

Visit MCR Organization page

My member rewards are wrong. What do I do?

Please be assured that we do everything possible to compute rewards accurately. If your members believe there is an error in their rewards, please have them check the following.

  • Did they pay with a Meijer Credit Card, cash, or PIN-based debit card? Only purchases made at Meijer, with a linked Meijer Credit Card, a PIN-based debit card or cash are eligible for Meijer Community Rewards. Other forms of payment, such as other types of non-Meijer credit cards and personal checks are not eligible for MCR credit.
  • Does their receipt have their Meijer 1 CardSM number on it? If paying with cash, they must scan their Meijer 1 CardSM to link the purchase to their account. They have up to 90 days to take their receipt and their Meijer card to the Service Desk to get Meijer Rewards credit.
  • Is their Meijer Credit Card linked to their MCR account? The customer can call 1-800-962-7011 to verify that their Meijer Credit Card is linked to their MCR account.
  • Did they use a Meijer Gift Card or Gift Return Certificate to pay for all or any part of their purchase? This amount would be deducted from the purchase total before the rewards are totaled. Rewards on Meijer Gift Cards are paid when the Meijer Gift Card is purchased, not when it is redeemed.
  • Did they purchase any excluded items? We are currently excluding purchases made with personal checks, other types of non-Meijer credit cards, commercial purchases, MasterCard Productivity Business Card, group buying, lottery purchases, postage, insurer paid prescriptions, layaway and sales tax. Rewards are computed after discounts, credits and any additional savings are deducted and gift cards and return cards are redeemed. Some in - store business (shoe repair, salon, third party sales, etc.) may not participate. Refer to terms and conditions for further information.

If they still believe there is an error, they must send a summary of the problem along with copies of their receipts to: MCR Receipts, PO Box 1752, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1752. If they used a Meijer credit card, they could alternately mail us a copy of their statement. Once we research their situation, we will let them know of our findings. Due to privacy concerns we will not discuss individual rewards with anyone other than that individual.

Questions about my organization’s check

Approximately the third week of each month, a monthly email will tell you the amount of your check, along with the expected mailing date. The check will be made out to the organization name you are enrolled under. If you don’t believe you have received your check, please reference your monthly email statement, then check with your accounting department to see if a deposit was made for that amount. If they have no record of that check being deposited, you must wait three weeks from the check issuance date, then you may report your lost check to: We will investigate and advise you of our findings. It may take up to three weeks to trace a check. Check tracing, stop payment or re-issuing fees may apply. Remember, reward checks will only be sent when your organization reaches $100 of rewards.

What if my organization wants to quit the program?

You must download a termination form here, complete and mail in to: MCR, PO Box 1752, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1752.

These FAQs are current as of May, 2007 and are subject to change.

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