Meijer Healthy Living

Living with Celiac Disease, diabetes, milk allergy, kidney failure, peanut allergy or other food allergy or food intolerance can make enjoying meals and snacks a challenge. Finding good recipes for your new diet, finding out which everyday items contain the offensive ingredient, and just coming to terms with your new "special" menu can be overwhelming for the beginner (and lets face it, challenging for even the most experienced special-diet cook). Whether you're on a gluten free diet, low sugar diet, or are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, Meijer Healthy Living is the ideal place to start your search for information. Our team of dietitians has over 30 years combined experience with nutrition & wellness and can help you get started on a new dietary journey or help enrich your current special diet.

At Meijer Healthy Living, you will find the information you're looking for to make informed grocery decisions at your Meijer store. Our Meijer Brand Allergen List will help you decide which Meijer Brand groceries will fit best into your special diet. Plus, you'll find an informative starter guide for diabetes diet management plus additional Celiac Sprue disease resources, too.

Meijer Gluten Free Products

For those with Celiac Disease, also called Celiac Sprue or gluten intolerance, avoiding the protein called gluten in wheat, barley and rye products is of the utmost importance. Severe stomach distress, and a host of other symptoms we'll spare you from accompanies this autoimmune disease. While there is no shortage of cookies, noodles, breads and snacks loaded with gluten, finding gluten free cookies, gluten free noodles, gluten free breads and gluten free snacks that are safe and tasty can be nearly impossible, especially when you're new to the diet. The Meijer Healthy Living dietitians have made it easy for you to begin your gluten-free adventure at Meijer stores with valuable resources you can bring along to Meijer on your next gluten free shopping trip.

Check the Meijer Brand Allergen List and look for an X in the gluten column to identify Meijer Brand products that contain gluten. You can also check for the presence of other big 8 allergens, including milk, peanuts & more.

Meijer Healthy Menus

If you spend every night at 6pm wishing that a delicious, healthy dinner would somehow magically appear on your kitchen table, visit Meijer Healthy Living each week for an affordable, delicious 7-day meal plan that you can easily recreate at your home. Simply visit the Weekly Nutritious Menu developed by our Meijer Dietitians, and you won't be scratching your head every time 6pm rolls around. And while they can't do the shopping for you, the Meijer Dietitians make it easy to plan your meals by laying out a simple meal plan, providing a shopping list broken down by store aisles, and giving you all the recipes you need to bring it all together. Their informative tips and planning will help you survive a hectic work week with your sanity intact - what a relief!

Whether your goals are weight loss, or just to add more nutrition into your diet, the Meijer Dietitians have over 50 years combined experience in the food & nutrition industry and can help you achieve your goals. Follow their weekly menu that includes a main dish, side dishes, your beverage & more, and you'll be on your way to better health!

Meijer Special Diets

Managing a mild free or casein free diet, low sodium diet, low sugar, peanut free, or shellfish free diet is much easier said than done. Shots with an epi-pen, checking insulin levels, constant label-reading, and anxious moments when you bite into a new cookie that's supposed to be "safe" have understandably made you cautious about every morsel that you put into your mouth. While a special diet can be managed okay without alot of outside help, leading a life that doesn't leave you feeling alienated during social gatherings, dinner dates or holiday dinners takes more input and advice from trusted sources. The Meijer team of dietitians is here to help you live the best life possible, and to be a trusted resource as you plan meals for your milk free, soy free, low sodium or peanut free diet. Look to our Meijer Brand Allergen List for help deciphering which Meijer Brand products contain the ingredient that disrupts your life. Plus, you have the opportunity to Ask Janine Faber, one of our skilled dietitians, your questions about living with your special diet. Living with food allergies, intolerances or diet restrictions can be challenging to grasp at first, but with excellent resources like Meijer Healthy Living, you can lead the best life possible. Remember, you have a special diet - it doesn't have you.

Meijer Diabetic Resources

Whether you have Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, your diet since your diagnosis has never been the same. Pigging out on ice cream, cake and other sugary goodies may not happen in the same ways you used to indulge, but fortunately there are great, tasty options for those on a diabetic diet for satisfying their sweet tooth and staying healthy at the same time. From a sugar-free section at your Meijer store, to our handy Diabetes Handbook, Meijer and our team of dietitians is here to help you transition into your new diet - and stay in good taste.

Your sugar-free or low-sugar diet isn't a restraining order against all things sweet and delicious, you just need advice from a trusted source to help managing your sweet cravings and keep you from over-indulging in sweets and goodies. Our Meijer Dietitians take great pride in being a valuable resource for everyone on a diabetic diet. Dietitian Tina Miller and her segment Tina's Tips and Janine Faber's column Ask Janine are 2 great resources for you to get new ideas on how to thrive on a low-sugar diet. Send them your questions or comments today and see how a little advice from an expert can make your day a whole lot sweeter.