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product information

GoodNites® Underwear are the most absorbent nighttime protection for boys and girls ages 4 and up.
They're designed to keep bedding dry at night while the discreet new fit keeps them hidden under PJs.

GoodNites Under vs. Leading Training Pants

40% more absorbent than
training pants

GoodNites® Underwear provides your child with outstanding protection so they can enjoy a better night's sleep. Designed to keep bedding dry, they're more absorbent than training pants†, helping to boost your child's confidence at bedtime. With a new discreet underwear-like fit, GoodNites® are designed to stay hidden under PJs for a fit and feel that keeps your child comfortable in any sleeping position.

  • new underwear-like fit
  • keeps bedding dry
  • cool designs
  • made for ages 4+
† vs. the leading brand of training pants