For over 80 years, Meijer has been committed to developing relationships with local farmers in order to bring you the best local produce at the lowest prices.

what's in season?

  • Fuji Apples

  • Pumpkins

  • Variety Squashes

  • Potatoes

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    Fuji is Japan’s favorite apple for good reason! Fujis have a crisp, juicy bite, fantastic sweet flavor, and a low acid content. Fujis are one of the best apples to store in your fridge and will stay crisp for weeks. When choosing an apple, you want to buy locally and in season to get the freshest and best flavor. Store all apples in a cool, dry place. They’ll continue to ripen after you get them home, and cooler temps will keep them fresher longer.

    Steffens Orchards

    Sparta, Michigan

    Steffens Orchard is a family farm operating 300 acres of apples. Fourth-generation Rob and Christine operate and manage the farms and market, with help from retired John and Sharon whenever needed. Steffens Orchard also grows sweet cherries and pumpkins.

    “The apples look great and you can’t beat the taste of a delicious Michigan apple!”
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    Pumpkins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the two most common uses, of course, are for making jack-o-lanterns and pies. Pie pumpkins are smaller and more flavorful. Look for signs in the Meijer Produce Department calling them out. They’ll be near the carving pumpkins, but they won’t be mixed in with them. Pumpkins are actually a type of squash and hold their shape well when baked or cut up for soups. Both carving and eating pumpkins prepare and taste like butternut squash, but are a bit waterier and stringier. For any kind of pumpkin, choose one with the stem still attached (but don’t use it as a handle). The shell should be firm with no soft spots. Store pumpkins in a cool, dry place. To keep your carved pumpkins looking spookier longer, avoid direct sunlight and overnight frosts.

    Mouzin Brothers Farms

    Vincennes, Indiana

    Mouzin Brothers Farms has been family owned and operated since 1935. Third-generation farmers Ed and Dennis, along with their father, Paul, continue a strong family tradition of knowledge and experience combined with honesty and integrity. The Mouzins are dedicated growers, packers and shippers who specialize in the distribution of safe, high quality sweet corn, watermelon and pumpkins to the Meijer and the Midwest.

    “Food safety for the consumer has always been a top priority for us.”

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    Fall and winter squash are flavorful, colorful, and decorative. Popular squashes in season now include:

    • Butternut: This familiar bell-shaped squash is especially good for soups.
    • Buttercup: A very sweet squash you can bake, mash, or fry just like a sweet potato.
    • Spaghetti: So-called because the flesh separates into noodle-like strands when cooked. The yellow ones are the ripest, and the larger are more flavorful.
    • Decorative: These diminutive squashes can be eaten, but are usually used in centerpieces and wreaths. (Ornamental gourds are not edible.)

    E Miedema & Sons

    Byron Center, Michigan

    In the late 1930’s, Ralph Miedema began delivering produce to the first Meijer store in Greenville, Michigan. Over the years, Elmer, Dave and Ken Miedema have strived to deliver the freshest sweet corn, cabbage and squash to Meijer. The Miedema family now farms over 1,500 acres.

    “We’re proud to be supplying Meijer for over 75 years.”

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    You can bake, boil, or fry any potato, but some potatoes are better for some recipes:

    • Russet: Best for baking, mashing, and frying.
    • Yellow: Full of flavor and great for roasting.
    • Yukon Gold: Best for steaming and boiling.
    • White: Good choice for casseroles and au gratin.
    • Red: Best for potato salad.

    Cook potatoes with their skins on. This not only retains flavor, but about 20% of a potato’s vitamins and most of the dietary fiber are in the skin. All varieties should be firm. Store them in a cool, dark, dry place.

    Michael Farms

    Urbana, Ohio

    Kyle Michael is the 4th generation to grow potatoes, and the third to grow potatoes for Meijer. Kyle’s great grandfather started growing white potatoes in Ohio in the early 1950’s and then expanded into Michigan in 2008.

    “My family has been growing potatoes for Meijer since you first came to Tipp City.” -Kyle Michael

what else is in season?

  • Local Apples
  • Beets
  • Bok Choy
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Fall Harvest
  • Green Onions
  • Yellow Onions
  • Greens
  • Hard Squash
  • Kale
  • Kohlrabi
  • Leeks
  • Pumpkins
  • Russet & White Potatoes
  • Sprouts

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