Enjoya® Striped Peppers

Enjoy a whole new way of eating peppers with Enjoya Striped Peppers. A red pepper with orange stripes, they're eye-catching at any occasion and offer endless creative possibilities. They're as beautiful inside as they are out, and just as flavorful as they look.

Enjoya Striped Peppers are grown in the Netherlands by three families of dedicated and passionate growers who share a single greenhouse spanning over 7 square miles. Slow and controlled cultivation, and special nutrition and handling ensure incredible taste and quality.

In fact, if your active lifestyle includes healthy, flavorful, and exciting new eating options, the Enjoya is perfect for you. Like the traditional peppers you know and love, Enjoyas are rich in folic acid, vitamin C, and beta carotene. Beautiful and good for you, too.


Stuffed Enjoya With Risotto and Prawns

Summer Salad With Enjoya Peppers

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