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Extra Strength

For some, headache relief starts in 15 minutes


#1 neurologist recommended to relieve migraines and associated symptoms*

*Among OTC medicine for migraines. Symphony Health Solutions, 2014.

Tension Headache

Two-ingredient formula to treat headaches with neck and shoulder pain

Suprising migraine triggers

Cheese and wine

Both aged cheese and red wine contain a compound called tyramine, which may be a migraine trigger for some people.1

Weather and Barometric

Bright sunlight, high humidity, hot temperatures and barometric pressure changes may be potential migraine triggers in some people.3

Sleeping in

Establishing a routine sleeping pattern may help avoid and manage migraines.2


Some people have adverse reactions to certain sounds, sights and smells — especially strong perfume and other strong odors.4

4 simple food swaps that may help reduce head pain