Electric Space Heater

Brrr...it's cold in there. And no matter how high you turn up the heat, you just can't seem to raise the temperature in that far corner room. Too many windows. Too drafty. Too expensive to heat. But not anymore! Bring heat back to that impossible, freezing space with an electric space heater from Meijer.com. An energy efficient space heater is safe to operate inside your home. Simply plug your energy saving space heater directly into the closest wall outlet and feel the temperature rise almost immediately. Shed those scarves, woolen mittens and hats, and enjoy the feel of the warmth that will soon surround you. You can also feel safe while using your electric space heater. With an electric space heater there are no fumes and no flames, just the heat you need from an energy efficient source.

Energy Efficient Space Heater

An energy efficient space heater from Meijer.com provides a great way to augment your regular heating system and help you cut down on your energy costs. Turn down the central heating of your home by a few degrees and use an electric space heater to heat a small area where you may be sitting, working or living. This efficient use of heat will help you save money on your energy bills. You'll feel toasty warm for hours, even in the dead of winter.

Meijer.com offers a variety of small household appliances and electric space heaters, including a high-quality energy saving space heater that will keep you warm all winter long. These energy saving space heaters pump out maximum heat while taking up little space in your home. Lightweight, compact and easy to clean, an electric space heater from Meijer.com is perfect for a small apartment or a large house full of family and friends. Choose from a variety of style and colors, all for a great price. Shop for more at Meijer.com today and enjoy the heat you'll discover with your new electric space heater.

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