Curbside is Available at These Stores

= Free service fee for a limited time.

  • ChampaignIL
  • Ann ArborMI
  • Auburn HillsMI
  • CantonMI
  • CascadeMI
  • FraserMI
  • JenisonMI
  • Knapp's CornerMI
  • WixomMI
  • BeavercreekOH
  • EnglewoodOH
  • KetteringOH
  • SpringboroOH
Coming Soon
  • UrbanaIL5/31/16
  • Fort WayneINIllinois Rd.6/6/16
  • LapeerMI6/6/16

Introducing Meijer Curbside

How does Meijer Curbside work?


Shop online — browse thousands of items or search for specific products to build your cart.


Choose a day and time for pickup. We'll shop for everything on your list and keep it fresh until you arrive.


Stores equipped with Drive Up service will take your payment and load your order into your car. For stores offering Walk-In Pickup, your order can also be picked up inside the store.

order size

1 to 12 items

13 items or more

ready for pickup

1 hour

3 hours

service fee

$4.95 - $6.95

$4.95 - $6.95


at Fraser, MI

5/09 - 5/31/16

$4.95 - $6.95


at Wixom, MI

5/23 - 6/31/16

pickup hours

every day,
7am - 9pm

Meijer Curbside Pickup Options

Not all stores have all options today. We'll be adding more as Meijer Curbside expands.

Walk In

Walk In pickup is inside the store. This is especially convenient if you want to do additonal shopping.

Drive Up

Drive Up pickup is located outside the store and allows you to pickup your order without ever leaving your vehicle.

Why choose Meijer Curbside?

Read our FAQ

It's easy.

Whether your list is long or short, Meijer Curbside is fast and convenient. There's no order minimum, and you can order items from all over the store (not just groceries).

Plan a pickup time that works best for you. Smaller orders can be ready in as little as an hour, and larger orders can be placed up to 3 days in advance. Just choose your time slot and we'll be ready for you.

It's fresh.

Dedicated freezers, refrigerators and warmers in the pickup area keep your groceries fresh until you pick them up. Specially-trained Meijer team members handpick every item from your order to make sure you get the best available produce and meats.

It's personal.

Want us to pick the greenest bananas? Find extra soft avocados? Just give us instructions in the comment box during your online checkout and we'll be sure to shop the way you want us to.

  • Your mPerks digital coupons and rewards are automatically applied to your Meijer Curbside cart.

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We need your help.

Meijer Curbside is brand new to us, too - so we're still learning how to make it the best experience for our customers. In an ongoing effort to improve our services, we're asking for your help.

Please take this short survey to help us create a better shopping experience for you and our other customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


    Introduction, Overall Curbside Information
  • What is Meijer Curbside and how does it work?

    Meijer Curbside is the new convenient way to shop. Place your order online, pick a time slot to pick up your order, pull up in the designated area at the store, and a Meijer Curbside Team Member will greet you at your vehicle and load your groceries for you.
  • What are Meijer Curbside pickup hours and locations?

    Meijer Curbside pickup is available 7am-9pm, 7 days a week, hours may vary by store. Please visit for the most updated list of stores offering Curbside service.
  • Is there a fee for Meijer Curbside service?

    The fee varies per store.
  • Is there a minimum order for Meijer Curbside service?

    There is no minimum or maximum purchase amount for Meijer Curbside service.
  • Who will shop and bag my Meijer Curbside order?

    A specially trained Meijer Curbside Team Member will go through the store to choose all of your items and have your order ready to go at your scheduled pickup time.
  • How far in advance can I place my Meijer Curbside order?

    You can place an order up to 3 days in advance.
  • How soon can I pickup my Meijer Curbside order?

    Pick up times are subject to availability. For orders of 1 to 12 items you may be able to pick up as soon as 1 hour, and orders of 13 items or more can be as soon as 3 hours if slots are available. Pickup times always round up to the nearest half hour. For example, order at 11:59 for 12 items - order pickup at 1:00. Place an order at 12:02 for 12 items - order pickup at 1:30.
  • Where do I pick up my Meijer Curbside order?

    Your order confirmation email will include specific pickup instructions with detailed location information. In addition, there is signage outside the store indicating where to pick up.
  • Does someone load my Meijer Curbside order into my car?

    Meijer Curbside service is all about convenience for our valued customers. Upon your arrival, a Meijer Curbside Team Member will greet you, go over your order, take payment, and load everything into your car.
  • Shop

    Order Process, Payment, Checkout
  • How do I start a Meijer Curbside order?

    Sign in to your account, create a new account, or proceed as a guest. Once signed in you must select a primary Meijer store currently offering curbside service. Once your primary store is selected you may shop products on the site and add items to your shopping cart.
  • How and when do I pay for a Meijer Curbside order?

    You will pay for your Meijer Curbside order during pickup at the store, however, for authorization purposes we require a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) to be entered online before an order is placed. The credit card entered online will not be charged at the time you place your order. A valid form of payment is the only documentation you will need when picking up your order.

    Please bring a valid form of payment when picking up your Meijer Curbside order. This payment method can be different than what you used for the authorization process. Payment methods accepted during Meijer Curbside pickup include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Meijer credit card, Meijer gift cards and debit cards. Cash and check are accepted payment methods at Meijer Curbside Indoor locations only.

    WIC, EBT, food stamps, bottle return slips, Coinstar, and mobile payments must be redeemed in store.
  • Why is my total Meijer Curbside order estimated online?

    The final order total will be determined at time of pickup. Order pricing variations may occur with weighted items, substitutions, taxes and/or fees.
  • Can I use coupons at Meijer Curbside?

    Meijer mPerks digital coupons are accepted. If you do not already have an mPerks account, please sign up at Currently, paper coupons are not accepted on Meijer Curbside orders.
  • Can I add special instructions to my Meijer Curbside order?

    Yes, Meijer Curbside offers personalized service. Tell us about any special details when it comes to your shopping preferences in the comment box during the online checkout process. We will do our best to honor your requests from the comment box.
  • Is there a way to quickly re-order items I have previously purchased?

    You can access your previous Order History after you are signed in to your account by selecting Order History from the account drop down menu. From there you will be taken to a list of your past orders. Click on "View" to access that order. You can then select the checkboxes next to the items you'd like to reorder, or click "Select All" to reorder everything from that particular past order. Then choose "Reorder Items" to add your selections to your shopping cart. You can add items from your order history at any time while building your cart.
  • Is there a way to save my shopping cart for Curbside orders?

    If you are signed in while building your shopping cart, your order will be saved for 30 days until you check out or remove items from your cart. If you are not signed in and navigate away from, there is no guarantee that your items will remain in your cart.
  • An item I ordered for Meijer Curbside is out of stock - What are substitutions?

    Substitutions are available to you as an option in the event of an item being out of stock. If you do not wish to receive grocery substitutions for your Curbside order, simply select "No Substitutions" from the drop down menu during the online checkout process or save your preference in Account Settings. You always have the right to refuse a substituted item at pick up if it's not what you're looking for. Any substituted item will be reviewed with you at pickup, and you will always receive the lowest price of the two items.
  • Can I change or cancel my Meijer Curbside order?

    To see if your order can be canceled, please begin by signing into your account to check the order status. Under the "Welcome back" drop-down menu at the top of your screen, select "Order Status". Here you will see a list of your Meijer Curbside orders that have been placed. If your current order has not been started by a Meijer Team Member it will show "New" as the Order Status. You may click on the red Order Number, then select the red "Cancel Order" button on the following screen. The Status of your order will now show as "Canceled" and you will also receive an email confirmation that your order has been successfully canceled.

    If the "Cancel Order" option is not available when you check your order status online, please contact us toll-free for assistance at 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537).
  • What is Your Quick Shop and how can I use it?

    Your Quick Shop is one convenient location where your frequently purchased items, favorited items and recommended items are housed on your account.

    Frequent Purchases: Your top 80 items purchased through Meijer Curbside and/or in-store over the past 90 days.

    Favorited Items: Items you have identified as ‘your favorite’ by clicking the heart icon for a specific product and changing the icon to the color red. Favorites can be added or removed at any time from the product pages or your shopping list.

    Recommendations: A selection of 20 product recommendations based on your online purchases

    To access this feature, you need to be signed in, and can select it from either the accounts drop down menu or within the header under Curbside Pickup. You can also log in here.
  • Post-Shop

    Pickup, Returns, Missing Items, Contact
  • What happens if I miss my Curbside pickup time slot?

    We will hold your order until 9 pm on the scheduled pickup day. If your order is not picked up by 9 pm, your order will be canceled and you will not be charged. If your order is canceled, you'll need to place your order again. If you miss your pickup time and need to reschedule on the same day as originally scheduled please call 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537).
  • Can I have someone else pick up my Meijer Curbside order?

    Yes, another person can pick up your order as long as they provide a valid form of payment at time of order pickup and a valid ID for any age restricted items.
  • Can I return a product I ordered through Meijer Curbside?

    Let us know at the time of Meijer Curbside pickup that you no longer want to purchase a specific item and we'll remove it from your order. If you have already paid for a product and wish to return it, returns will be accepted in accordance with the Meijer Store Return Policy. See customer service counter for more information.
  • Missing items, ordering problems, and order questions

    If you are unable to complete your Meijer Curbside order or are having issues with an old order appearing in your cart when trying to place a new order, you may need to clear the cookies/cache from your computer's browsing history. Click here for more details.

    If you need further assistance with this, missing items, or questions about your Curbside order then please contact us toll-free at 1-877-E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537).
  • General FAQ

  • Can I order gift cards online?

    Gift cards can be purchased online and shipped to your home or purchased in store. Gift cards are not available for Meijer Curbside service store pickup.
  • Can I have Meijer Curbside service delivered to my home?

    At this time we are not offering home delivery or shipping of products other than gift cards. Gift cards are the only items at this time that can be purchased online and shipped to your home.
  • How do refrigerated or frozen products stay fresh with Meijer Curbside service?

    Grocery orders are shopped very close to your scheduled pickup time to ensure your groceries stay at their optimal temperature. Meijer Curbside service has dedicated freezers, refrigerators, and warmers to keep your items fresh and safe until you arrive.
  • Are pre-made cakes or deli trays available for same day pickup?

    Yes, please visit your local store for details and options. At this time does not offer same day order and pickup for custom cakes or pre-order deli trays.
  • Are prices the same in store as listed online?

    Yes, online prices are the same as in-store prices. Meijer Curbside purchase totals at time of order checkout will reflect prices on the day order is placed, while mPerks must be used within the valid promotional offer dates to be applied. If an order is placed for a future date that is outside of the ordered ad sale pricing, the price charged will be the amount on the date of pick up, not the date of order submission.
  • Are tips accepted for Meijer Curbside service?

    We consider it a welcome responsibility and a pleasure to offer Meijer Curbside service to you, our valued customer. Therefore, tips are not accepted, but your return business and recommendation to others are always accepted.