Introducing Chobani® Greek Yogurt Oats, a delicious blend of firm steel-cut oats, real fruit and creamy yogurt.
With 10 grams of protein and 8 grams of whole grains, it's a hearty, gluten-free breakfast made with only natural ingredients.

Chobani® Greek Yogurt Oats

Apple Cinnamon

Chobani® uses carefully selected gluten-free steel-cut oats that are slow-cooked over low heat. Delicious apples and a dash of cinnamon make this flavor a breakfast favorite.

Chobani® Greek Yogurt Oats

Banana Maple

Chobani® always uses natural ingredients, so they added real maple syrup, real molasses and real cinnamon to bring out the full, rich flavors of the oats and fruit.

Chobani® Greek Yogurt Oats


Every cup of Chobani® Oats is filled with nutritious and unbelievably delicious Greek yogurt. Add real blueberries and you have a creamy combination that‘s way beyond your expectations.

Chobani® Greek Yogurt Oats


Real cranberries bring a burst of flavor to the blend of steel cut oats and creamy yogurt. Its bright, fresh flavor is the perfect addition to a hearty, protein-packed breakfast.

Chobani Kids Tubes

Rock the lunchbox with flavors your kids will love. Freezable Tubes make the perfect lunch or after-school snack. With 5 grams of protein and 30% less sugar than the leading kids' tubes*, CHOBANI KIDS Greek Yogurt Tubes are made with only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.

*Chobani Kids Tubes: 6g sugar per 2oz serving; Leading yogurt tubes: 9g per 2.25oz serving.

Chobani Simply 100
Greek Yogurt

100 calories this delicious shouldn't be rushed.

Chobani's dedicated team spent two years discovering the perfect blend of stevia, monk fruit and evaporated cane juice so they could craft a delicious cup of 100-calorie yogurt made with only natural ingredients.

Chobani Indulgent

So decadent, it can only be dessert.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, the richest dark chocolate and creamiest yogurt, the new Chobani Indulgent Greek Yogurt is so decadent and silky, you'll remember to save room for dessert.