tips and recipes for holiday entertaining

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  • brownies
  • pies

organize your cookie creation

Stocking up on disposable plastic containers from Meijer can rescue you from having to empty, wash, buy or borrow a bowl. Here are a few ways these reusable, sturdy, stackable containers come in handy:

  1. festive frosting

    Divide frosting among several containers. Add a different hue of food coloring to each to create a rainbow of options

  2. cookie crusts

    Crush cookies or crackers for crusts or decorations in a container. Simply seal the lid to store any extra.

  3. stack and store

    Store nuts, sprinkles, colored sugars, and nonpareils separately. Stack the containers for easy storing.

  4. perfect powdering

    When coating cookies or candies with powdered sugar, put a small amount in a container, add the treats, seal and shake.

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